A Handy Guide To Facial Treatments

A Handy Guide To Facial Treatments

One of the best ways to ensure that our skin is clean, healthy, and vibrant is by getting a facial treatment at a spa or esthetician.

To get skin clean and healthy-looking, facial treatments utilize a variety of creams, lotions, and lighting equipment to ensure that your skin looks its best.

Since every individual’s specific biome is unique, choosing a facial treatment that won’t exacerbate your pre-existing skin conditions is essential.

Check out this handy guide to facial treatments to choose the right one for your skin needs!


The classic facial is an excellent choice for folks with normal, sensitive skin, and it’s also the most common type of facial treatment. Its main goal is to remove dirt and excess oil from your skin, as well as to lighten any dark spots on your face.

It involves a steaming process to open up the pores, and then astringents are used to pull out any excess oil that may have built up on your face. Finally, the classic facial is finished off with an application of cream or lotion to hydrate your skin after it has been deep cleaned.


A microdermabrasion facial is the right choice for anyone who has acne scarring or pigmentation issues. It works by using an abrasive material, such as sugar crystals or sanding materials, to buff away the top layer of your skin lightly. This process exposes fresh, healthy new skin that makes any fine lines disappear!

Peel Facial

The lactic peel facial near me in Pittsburg, PA, is one of the most effective ways to get your skin looking vibrant and fresh! It uses a high concentration of lactic acid to remove dead skin cells, which leave you with a youthful glow.

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Only trust qualified skincare professionals to complete facial treatments because, used incorrectly, the products used in facials can cause severe skin damage.