The different steps of how to put on makeup

Before buying the makeup from the stores and directly applying those products one by one over the face and body may not always give the best results. Although makeup is not very tough, however, it can turn out to be a little tricky. And as such, it is always good to know the basic steps of how to put on makeup and then trying to actually to so.

the different steps of how to put on makeup

Initial stages

The first and foremost stage of makeup is also the most important one. It is to clean and moisturize the face completely. This protects the skin from any kind of damage and also softens the skin and makes it look brighter. After that, usually a primer is applied to make the makeup stay in place for long hours.

Middle stages

After the primer part is over, the actual makeup process starts. Knowing how to put on makeup is very important for these stages. After applying the primer, concealers and correctors are to be applied to conceal or correct any kind of flaws like spots, scars, dark circles, etc. After that step, comes the step where the foundation is applied all over the face or body. This completes the base makeup. After this, many people apply highlighters, contours, blushes, etc. to make their faces and bodies look more attractive. Eye makeup, lip makeup, etc. are then done. Eye makeup consists of the application of eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras and many more. Lip makeup obviously consists of the application of lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses and others.

Final stages

These stages of how to put on makeup are usually targeted in making the makeup look completely flawless and also long lasting. As such, many people apply setting powders all over their faces and bodies. Setting sprays can also be sprayed all over the face and bodies. These sprays not only make the makeup long lasting, but also moisturize the skin.