The High Park Residence is the voice for real estate

Joy, romance and adventure is all you can get if you move to the High Park Residences Singapore. With over 1400 flats in the commodity and North-South facing units the residences will be the best buys in Singapore. Nearby is the Thanggam railway station, the Seletar aerospace society and the Seletar mall. Covering over 333221.8 square feet of land the tall high park residences stand. This building is made by the CEL Development Pvt Ltd, building complexes and skyscrapers for over 99 years. In the compound you can get 1 medicine shop, 9 commercial buildings. It includes a garage space of over 3253.6 square feet which has the capacity of holding a minimum of 350 cars and bikes.

the high park residence is the voice for real estate


Never worry when you stay at High Park Residences condo. Because you get all in one place. Be it a hospital, school, transport it has all options. Standing tall in the Fernvale street, Singapore it has all access to the whole Singapore city by the Thanggam LRT station and the Sengkang LRT station. Just 10 mins away is the General and People hostipal in the Sengkang east street. The schools like Fernvale Primary school and the Sengkang Primary and Secondary school, both are located 3 kms away from the residence.

Site plan

The building consist of 12 towers with 4 for commercial purpose. On the campus you get a swimming pool, a basketball and squash court and something new like cycling and jogging track. There is also a big garden in the compound with lots and lots of flowers. There is a total security protection by the Singapore National Security force, At a moment two security guard is always present. Taking a 10 mins drive you can also go to the warehouse of Courts, IKEA and Giant supermart, which is amazingly big and something to be seen. See you at High Park Residence!