What are the mall in City Gate of Singapore in Beach Road?

It can be safely said that City Gate is the most famous shopping destination in all of Singapore after its construction. Lots of different kinds of outlets are present in the complex. The mall which is a part of City Gate along with the residential condo is an absolute go to spot for people who love to get their goods at discounted prices. The factory outlets of the different brands, has only made matters better for the shopaholic people.

what are the mall in city gate of singapore in beach road

For tourists

If you plan to visit Singapore in the present times, then you will simply have to visit this place and just keep on shopping owing to the huge amounts of discounts that will be provided to you. You will just be able to pamper yourself by being at the City Gate Residences. From luxurious rooms to stay in as well as some great food to eat, the stay in this complex is really unforgettable.

More luxury

If you plan to get some designer label stuffs for your wardrobe then this mall is really the place to be in. all the famous brands right from Calvin Klein to Ralph Lauren can be found here. Also brands such as Tommy Hilfiger has opened well stocked showroom across this place.

The off season discounts that are provided here range between 30 to 50 percent. All the different stuffs such as bags, accessories, dresses etc. are available here on discount. If you have a figure that is really common with the majority of the population, then you will be disappointed as the different items of that size get sold out really fast.

With so many discounts available on board, City Gate Residences is a shopper’s paradise. Coupled with its great location, this complex is bound to become one of the biggest in Asia in the coming times.